Valley Voices President 


  Linda Brehaut   


In my 20 years as a member of Harmony, Incorporated, I believe that I've committed myself to being a contributing member to our organization both on and off the risers.  I have held many Board and committee positions within our chapter, and had the privilege of being AC&C co-chair twice as well as chapter show chair/ co-chair.  In 2009-2010, I sat on the Area 1 Team as PR coordinator and previous to that, on the Board of Directors for Harmony Homecoming.

I've had the privilege of sitting on the International Board of Directors over the past 4 years as the Area 1 Director and have endeavored to create an atmosphere in our Area that brings us togehter as an ensemble, one that works in harmony, sharing our love of music, our resources, our knowledge and our desire to see Harmony, Incorporated grow.


My time is magically divided between my family (hubby and two wonderful kids, plus of course the extended family!), my work (34 years in a health care facility) and my many other interests.  My passion for learning and teaching has been developed and challenged over the past 10 years while being a preceptor and member of the Clinical Education committee for Health Sciences at Dalhousie University.


I am very active within my church and last year celebrated my 24th year team-leading a children's choir.  I have a special interest in working with individuals with special needs and currently volunteer with Special Olympics.

I continue to sing with Valley Voices in Kentville, Nova Scotia and contribute my time and talents as best I can.  My chapter has been understanding and supportive as my role as Area Director may impact my availability to the chorus from time to time.


I am grateful for the support and encouragement I receive from the membership of Area 1 and look forward to working on their behalf as their area Director for another 2 year term.


 Musical Directors

 Director:  Paul Grimm 

 Assistant Directors: Trinda Ernst and Paula Henley  


    Valley Voices Board of Directors

     April 2019 - April 2020


Pat Marshall: Vice President

Deb Moreau: Secretary

Yvonne Carroll: Past President

Angie Sawler: Treasurer

Linda Brehaut : President

 Members At Large:

Inez Cooper, Edna DeWolfe, Pat Norton, Bev Vaughan